Welcome to Bochum
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Welcome to Bochum

Bochum, historically known as the European centre for coal mining and steel production, is today an established location of education, science, health care management and new technology. Situated in the heart of the Ruhr Area, our city has embraced the challenge of change and has set the course for future development.

Bochum today presents itself as “UniverCity“, an important centre of science and research, incorporating seven universities. New courses of studies and modern research facilities, the intensive exchange between universities, institutes and business establishments, plus good vocational training, create an attractive environment for innovation. Bochum is therefore classified as one of the highest graded academic locations in Europe. The Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Rhineland-Westphalia-Lippe, has made a substantial contribution to this development. It is the largest Protestant University of applied sciences in Germany. It currently offers six Bachelors
and three Masters degree courses and manifold career opportunities in social, nursing and ecclesiastic professions to approximately 2400 students. Moreover, its advanced and continuing training programmes are an important contribution to Bochum‘s academic landscape.

Besides the daily course of academic life, our city is also the Cultural Centre of the Ruhr region. The wide range includes our acclaimed municipal theatre which has received various awards, the German Mining Museum, the Bochum Symphony Orchestra, “Starlight Express“, the most popular and the longest running musical in the world,
and, last but not least, our “Jahrhunderthalle“, an ancient blower plant which today serves as the central venue of the triennial festival “Ruhrtriennale“. In addition, the independent cultural scene offers many opportunities for discovery and personal development.
Bochum is also a city of sports with over 80,000 active members in more than 400 sports clubs. Public parks and a wide range of recreation facilities contribute to the attractiveness of our city.I would like to invite you to explore our city.

Above all, Bochum is a social city, where solidarity and ecumenical Christianity are common practice. Together with religious institutions and charitable organisations we have successfully dealt with all previous tasks and, united, will rise to any future challenges.

Bochum welcomes you.

Dr. Ottilie Scholz
Lord Mayor of Bochum

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