Health and Care Management (B.A.)
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B.A. Health and Care Management

The Bachelor degree course in Health and Care Management aims at the academic professionalisation of middle and senior management personnel in the healthcare sector. The course teaches skills which will later be indispensible in the professional work environment in order to ensure high quality provision and care in an increasingly rapidly changing healthcare system. The enhancement of skills offered by the course extends to all those areas which contribute towards optimising management tasks. The course is conceived of as a response to changing functions and the challenges related to them as well as to the growing demand for management personnel. In addition to acquiring professional skills, course graduates will also be encouraged to reflect on their own leadership role in relation to group process management and to deal with leadership ethics issues in professional and everyday action.

The course teaches skills on three levels:

  1. Professional and methodological skills via the acquisition of skills in working academically and in self-organised learning as well as via the acquisition of relevant professional knowledge, especially in the areas of business administration, social and healthcare policy, labour and employment law, nursing sciences, and social and healthcare sciences;
  2. Management and leadership skills via the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and its application to relevant issues in students’ own field of work. Intensive theory-to-practice transfer is a specific feature of this course. Practice-oriented enquiry and personal reflection in relation to the implementation of theoretical knowledge in concrete management and leadership behaviour and the further development of students’ own understanding of leadership constitutes a core component of the course
  3. Personal skills via dealing with leadership ethics issues and via the opportunity for self-reflection and assessment. 

Official duration of programme (Standard period of study): 3 years / 180 ECTS (full time)

A maximum of 20 students will be admitted per year.

In order to facilitate studies while course participants continue to work in their professions with reduced hours, the compulsory attendance course elements are organised as monthly block modules. A prior vocational qualification is a course requirement.

Module blocks (17 modules)

Scientific and methodological principles (3 modules)

  • Academic disciplinary principles (3 modules)
  • Health economics and law (2 modules)
  • Health and care management (4 modules)
  • Personnel and organisational development (3 modules)
  • Practice project
  • Bachelor Thesis