Transfer Profile
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Transfer Profile

Research and teaching at the EvH RWL have always been related to transfer. In training for social and ecclesiastical professions, the EvH RWL traditionally focuses on getting into dialogue with society. It responds to current challenges and develops sustainable solution strategies for future social tasks. The interdisciplinarity and application orientation of research and teaching, which is typical of a university of applied sciences, and the value orientation typical of a protestant university are important characteristics of its "Third Mission". The main emphasis is on:

  • shaping an ageing society,
  • the inclusion of people with disabilities,
  • the integration of people with a history of migration or refugeeism, and
  • coping with increasing social segregation.

 The main goal of the transfer activities is to contribute to the development and implementation of social innovations by using participatory formats. Social innovations are understood as changes in attitudes, social practices, institutions, and structures. Social innovations are based on the Christian-humanistic image of man and on the basic ethical principles of human rights, freedom, solidarity and social justice.